Me and my sexy cousin

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Me and my sexy cousin

100% fiction!

Ok, i have a 18yo cousin whose 3 years younger than me, she is really nice and has been around alot of my life, recently shes been looking alot more like a woman milf porn videos than my little cousin. For her age she has a /ass/huge-ass/">huge ass, she also has dd tits which are just hard to ignore. Shes been recently looking at me differently, with more fire and hunger in herr eyes.

One day she came over to my house and nobody was home just me and her, she was wearing a tight black shirt that showed her tits to the maxx, she had in small daisey dukes that just made her ass look amazing. she said " hey who is home?" i said " no one just me and you". i ask her if she wanted to go swimming in the pool i have in my bqck yard, and she said yeah i gotta go change. when came down she had on the sewiest bathing suit i had ever seen, her tits looked huge and her ass, dont get ne started. we went in the pool for a lil and i once accidently felt her boob, i said " oh my i am so sorry" she said no iys fine, i dont care, holy shiy is this really happening. she grabbed my cock barley, it was getting hard by the mintue. she said " oh that felt huge!" " we should do something about iy" holy shit, i was in heavan. we ran upstair to my bed all wet, she ripped my pants off to reveal my hard 8 inch cock, tipped my precum.

Shre said " wow" she put her mouth on it and sucked it slowpy, she slowly licked up my shaft to the tip wjere she started suckin hard. She went hard for 5min and then i took off her top and revealed those perfect dd tits , i slowly started blowjob porn videos licking them. I did that for a min or so and then i pulled herr bottom down to reveal a tight shaven pussy worthy off smashin, i licked it slowly and then i ate her out till she said stopp, she sucked my cock for a min and then i out her in doggystyle, i slowly inserted my hard throbibg cock. she let out a little orgasm, i pounded the shit out of her for 10 min straight until she was screamin. i stopped and admired that huge ass. i decieded to put that hotty into reverse cowgirl, i held her ass ass she went up and down while her titties were bouncin in my face.

We fucked like that for 10min again. then i put us both on our sides and i inserted my cock. I pounded like i had never before, for 20 straight min i fucked that /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy, she was have orgasms every 5seconds. it xame to the piont where i had to cum. I yelled "baby im gonna cum" so i gucked her harder than ever, she was screamin "STOP STOp" but i didnt. I jnew it gave her pleasure. she started cumming and then rite after i busted a whole giant load in that small pussy, we both ere screamin and i cummed evrywhere! She yelled "yea baby cum inside me" after that i made out with her for hours until we were ready again.