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It had been a week since i heard from Dianne and each day i jerked myself hard thinking of our time at the adult cinema and each time i wished we could do it again.
Well - that night on coming home after work, my wife Pauline said that Dianne had rung and she invited her over for dinner. As i said before pauline was aware of infatuation with Dianne but said nothing as it had been a long time relationship.

Dianne arrived for dinner - dressed to kill - wow - she wore a tight cotton top that left very little to one imagination, her silk bra was outlined and her nipples stood perfectly erect - even Paulline admitted later she couldnt keep her eyes of them. My eyes couldnt stop looking at her /tight/tight-skirt/">tight skirt, her silky stockings and open toed stilletoes - i had a bulge developing already - one that my wife noticed as well

Dinner went smoothly - alot of chat and alot to drink. My wife is not a big drinker but tonight was different, and i watched as she had a very private conversation with Dianne - giggling and drinking the whole time

Dianne left the table and motioned to me i should follow her - which i did and she told me that Pauline had told her that she had a fanytasy of going to a adult cinema - so why didnt we all go to the one we had been to. I thought why not - as i would love to see Pauline's reaction there - so we headed off and before long we were entering the dark cinema, Dianne and I supporting Pauline who had had a bit to drink

We found some seats a little away from the others there and sat Pauline between us. Within minutes Pauline was in awe as to the porn on the screen, but i wouldnt have believed what happened next - if i didnt witness it first hand - Dianne leaned over to Pauline, took herhand and slipped it up her dress - and Pauline didnt even flinch

Then i watched as Dianne pulled her tight dress up higher exposing her /thong/">thong, and let Pauline stroke it for her, whilst Dianne slipped her own hand under Paulines dress and stroked her

This was all too much for me and i pulled my now hard throbbing cock out and strated to masterbate - lasting only a few minutes as i watched Dianne bring Pauline to her first orgasm. As Dianne continued fingering Paulines now /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy, i pulled Pauline dress up so i culd watch Diannes fingers moving in and out, and at the same time took Paulines hand and place it on my throbbing cock. She moaned asDiannes fingers enetered her, as my fingers joined in and as she jerked my dripping wetcock.

Well for those who have followed this erotic adventure, i was left sitting in the adult cinema jerking my throbbing cock, as my wife Pauline and my /friend/lady-friend/">lady friend Dianne were hard at it cunt lapping eachother.

My astonishment came wehn suddenly i felt another hand on my laready over excited penis.I tunred to find a guy had sat himself next to me, his pants were down, his cock was out, hard and thick and with his left hand he was stroking away whilst his right hand was now helping me - well to say th least i got a surpirse, but one that i was pleased with, so as Pauline and Dianne continued their sexual wwwxxx /orgy/">orgy, i turned to allow my /friend/new-friend/">new friend easier access to my now leaking penis. As we stroked eachother we looks on ours faces said it all, and when i exploded, my sexual excitement hightened when my new friend bent down and started licking my dripping cock, finally taking it in his mouth. I had never had oral with a guy before, but with what was going on - i let it happen - and it was sooooo good.
I looked back at Dianne and Pauline, and saw that they were now watching the me have my cock sucked, whilst they continued /fingering/finger-fucking/">finger fucking their pussies, when suddenly Pauline the wwwxxx moved along the floor to my freinds now dangling penis, and took it in her mouth and started sucking him - slowly at first, but when i heard his moans i realized that Pauline had quicked her pace.

Suddenly i exploded in my new friends mouth and as if on que he errupted in Paulines mouth.

The pace of the movie was getting quicker and so was our pace, but it was when Dianne mounted my hard shaft that things got even hotter. before I knew it or could say anything Dianne had wrapped her cunt lips around my cock and was riding it feverishly, and once again to my amazement, my wife Pauline climbed aboard the still /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock of our new friend and started riding him as well - but it was after a few moments that Pualine became quite vocal, as she raised and dropped down on his cock, that we suddenly got quite an audience - can yoyu imagine - /couple/couples-fucking/two-couples-fucking/">two couples fucking away in an adult cinema - well i will tell you more next time

All three of us were in another world as we masterbated each other, cum juice was everywhere but then all of a sudden Pauline stood, dislodging our fingers, dropped to her knees between Diannes legs and started cunt lapping her - which i have never seen her do before - and as this went on my cock got harder, thicker and wetter from my feverish jerking, and as Dianne lay back, threw her legs over Paulines shoulders and held Paulines head between her legs, I got another suprise - a hand on my cock - but thats for next time