Miami Part 2

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Miami Part 2

*** MIAMI PT 2: ”Lil” Joe Cartwright”

In the first part of this story, I”d just met Miami, and his beautiful cock, which he”d given the affectionate name of ”lil” Joe Cartright”, ”lil” Joe” for short, though I was soon to find there was nothing short about him! But before I begin telling of my many adventures with him, I feel I must backtrack again, and talk a little more about myself, and my love for men, and share some thoughts on what I think it is to be gay.

First of all, I have a belief that all men are gay to some extent. By this, I mean, how many guys, whether they would admit it or not, had their first sexual experiences with another guy? Whether it was a horny game of truth or dare, or strip poker, or a mutual jerk off session. Even a first try at kissing, just to see what it felt like. And how many men, though they”d never admit it, knew the taste of cum at an early age, or even slipped their cocks up a /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass, but buried these feelings deep because of the conventions of our society!

And why is it that when men are locked together in places like /jail/">jail, or prison, male to male love becomes a common and acceptable thing. Inevitably it's going to happen. And why to is a man's cock so perfectly suited to fit snuggly in another man's ass. And why was a man so blessed with a prostate for a cock to slide against, bringing him to the most extreme heights of sexual pleasure! To me it's just a perfectly natural thing, and I love the smells, the tastes, and the feelings of a man on me, and I think all men would, if they ever just let themselves enjoy the experience! I”ve found that most actually do.

One of the reasons I like black guys so much, is that they are not afraid to admit to their deepest desires. They have a stronger sexual energy about them, an energy you can just smell, and most are never afraid to pull out their big, /thick/thick-cocks/">thick cocks for a good blow job! Though most will never admit it openly, having to stay on 'the down low” and keep up that thug image, they have more stamina, and tend to fuck with a gusto that most white guys can't compete with. And yes, on the average they have bigger cocks!

”lil Joe”, was a /cock/big-cock/">big cock! I wanted to go down on him the minute I saw him, but we were parked on a public street, so the first order of business was to get to a more private place. I drove to a place I knew on the outskirts of town, where we wouldn't be disturbed, and I could get my first taste of Miami's wonderful cock. As we drove, he never put it back in his pants, and I was constantly turning my head to look at it, imagining how big it actually was, and how it was going to feel, and taste in my mouth. My own 8” cock was hard as a rock, and I was about to cum, before I ever got my hands on ”Lil Joe”!

When we finally got parked in a safe spot, I took it in my hot hand and just began by looking at it, amazed at how perfect, and heavy it was. It swelled in my hand as I stroked it lovingly, and I was amazed when it got as big as mine at full /erection/">erection, only much thicker, and it still wasn't completely hard! I wondered how anyone could take something so big in any part of their body, and not be completely ruined! This was a cock to be worshipped!

I bent over and began to kiss it, and lick it, probing the piss slit with my tongue. It felt so hot against my lips, and felt it grow to it's full hardness as I took it into my mouth, and began to suck it wetly. It tasted so good, and I could smell the wonder cock aroma, as I forced my head down on it, feeling it touch the back of my throat, causing me to gag!

Miami's hand was on my head, holding me down on him, and I knew I had to come up for air soon! I pulled my head off this wonderful big cock, and my mouth made wet popping sound like you hear in porn flicks, saliva dripping from my mouth! I rubbed Miami's cock against my cheek, then just gazed in awe at the huge organ, so long, so thick, and so perfect! He called me baby boy, and told me I couldn't handle it.

It was so big! I knew it had to be a foot long at least, and it was so thick, that my jaw already ached. The thought of it buried deep in my ass, stretching me, hurting me turned me on so much, that I felt my sperm rising up my cock, and filling my underwear! His hand forced me back down on him, and I sucked him, and sucked him, as I”d never sucked any man before! I slipped my hand into his pants and felt his /balls/huge-balls/">huge balls, getting them out so I could kiss and lick them, and smell them! The smell of them was wonderful, sweaty and musky, as I kissed them and pressed my nose to them, breathing in his dark maleness!

I ran my wet open mouth up and down the shaft of his cock, kissed the large peach like head, and licked up the pre cum that was now oozing from his open piss slit, savoring the salty taste of his juices. I sucked him deeply, and fondled his heavy ball sack, stopping only to catch my breath, and bury my nose in thick nest of wiry black hair that surrounded his /balls/ball-cock/cock-and-balls/">cock and balls, smelling his scent and feeling the heat rising off him! He said ”Lil Joe” was about to throw up, and I opened my mouth to receive the hot flow!

Miami placed the head of his wonderful piece of steel hard dark meat in my cum hungry mouth, and I felt the hot flow of semen coating my tongue, flooding me with what must have been a half pint of delicious juice! It filled my mouth, and I held it there, swirling it around like mouthwash, finally swallowing it in a hungry gulp. Some of it dripped from my mouth, and he squeezed the last drops out on my lips, and rubbed his spit and cum covered cock on my nose and cheeks, filling my nostrils with the essence of his powerful manhood. I was as content as a well fed child, and I felt somehow defiled and dirty, like I”d never be clean again, and didn't want to be! I knew I was his from that moment on! His bitch! His cum covered slut, to do with whatever he pleased!

He wiped the cum from my face, and I took his hand and licked it clean, letting him force his fingers in my mouth to suck off every drop of him. It was one of the nastiest, and most beautiful experiences of my life, and I came again in my already sodden underwear. My jaws ached! I”d never sucked a cock so big! I knew when he ever fucked me, he”d probable leave me torn and bloody, and I didn't care! I wanted him to make me scream!

Just for everyone to know how big my new friend ”Lil Joe” really is, I measured him some time later, and he was a tad over 12” long, 2” wide, and almost 5” big around. He is cut, with a marvelous mushroom like pink head, sitting on top of a perfectly strait shaft. full hd xvideo download The shaft is as thick at the top as it is where it meets a pair of kiwi sized balls, that never fail to produce a massive load of hot semen, that fills a mouth or ass to capacity.

He is wreathed in a furry bush of jet black, tightly curled pubic hair that surrounds him and only thins out at the wonderful strip of tender flesh that separates the massive ball sack from a wonderfully tight, and virgin man pussy! That too is surrounded by tight, musky smelling hair, and can only be licked, sniffed, and lightly touched! Never once has even so much as a finger experienced it's tightness, though it does enjoy the tongue! I tried to slip a finger in one time, and discovered it best not to try again.

I soon found that Miami had a powerful crack addiction, and because of my love for his cock, I was happy to supply him with cash to feed it, just to feed my own addiction. I even began smoking it with him, and always knew that ”Lil Joe” would come out to play, and we”d all /party/">party with coke and crown royal.

I became a fast expert at sucking Miami's massive meat, and loved it when we rented a room, or caught some rare alone time at his house, and all our clothes would come off so I could prop his ass up on a pillow and bury my face in his /ass/hot-ass/">hot ass! I”d lick his hole hungrily, and suck him dry of his /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum, and he”d even began trying to fuck me sometimes!

This was a long slow process, because even though I was definitely not a virgin, and had taken many cocks, I”d never taken one so big! I”d grease up his long thick cannon, and he finger me roughly to try and get me ready, but for a while I could never take it all! It was just too big and thick, and for the longest time after about 8” of it, my poor stretched hole could take no more of his powerful thrusts, and I”d have to beg him to stop, though many times he did plant his seed in me, and I”d be left sore, wet and open. And even though the pain was intense, my hot spot would be rubbed until I would shoot my on massive loads! I”d always lick them up, sometimes with tears in my eyes, yearning for the day I would be able to take it all!

Miami had a lot of thug buddies, and lots of times, another guy would come over and fuck me while I sucked him, or I”d suck them both. By this time he was openly referring to me as his bitch, but I didn't care, because I was, and my pussy was his to do with what he wanted. I didn't mind the other men if he didn't, and because I was now deeply in love with him I”d do anything for him. I even let one of his dealers fuck me several times for free coke!

Sometimes I even got to fuck some of the others, who were willing to do just about anything for a hit of crack, and my time with Miami was always alcohol, and drug induced, and filthy with sex. I was a /cum/cum-slut/">cum slut bitch, and I didn't care at all! Miami liked to get high and watch me take cock, and my ass and mouth were always filled with it, and I was in heaven!

I fucked Miami's cousin Jr. once, and he screamed like a little girl as I opened up his virgin ass with my 8” cock. Miami stroked ”Lil Joe” and watched as I did it, then told Jr. to fuck me. I got on my knees and let him /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-hard/">fuck me hard, and fill my hot canal with his hot spunk, and on that day, I finally experienced something I”d never experienced before.

Miami had gone to take a piss, and came back in as Jr. was pulling his cock out of me, leaving me dripping with cum. He put ”Lil Joe” into my mouth and told me to suck. I took his cock in my mouth willingly, and sucked on the half hard piece of meat. Miami had saved free porn movies download some of his piss for me, and he released the hot squirt into my mouth, and told me to swallow it! I did it without a second thought, and continued to suck him to his full hardness. When he was fully hard, he pulled from my mouth, and came around behind me. Somehow I knew, I was fixing to take him all, and fear ran through me, and a wonderful excitement that caused my cock to swell!

So far, Miami had been as gentle with me as anyone with over a foot of cock could be. I knew, this time it would not be gentle. I was on all fours, and before I could say don't hurt me, I felt the head of his cock line up with my cum wet anus, and felt it pushing into me! It reached the depth that it had so far reached, and he held it there for a moment. Then he pulled it almost out of me and slammed it back into with the force of a bull!

I knew by the intense pain in my rectum, that It was all inside me, and he”d opened me all the way! I think the anguished look on my face must have frightened Jr., because the shocked look on his face told me so. I couldn't scream, just opened my mouth and mouthed the words ”Oh my God”, as tears filled my eyes, and Miami began to /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-harder/">fuck me harder and harder, pounding me with his massive cock! It hurt like nothing I”d ever felt before, and I just knew he was destroying me!

And still he fucked, driving deep inside me with every thrust! I wanted him to stop, and I wanted it to last forever! My head was spinning, and I couldn't make a sound but a feeble whimper as he ravaged my pussy, finally pushing me down flat on my belly, and driving deep into me and began filling me with spirits and spirts of hot cum!

When he pulled from me, his sperm poured from me in a gush, and I lay there more relieved than I”d ever been, and more open and empty! My whole ass hurt, and I knew I had to be torn and bleeding. I didn't think I”d be able to walk, and I cried into the pillow as I heard him say ”You got a pussy back there now Baby Boy!”

I hated him at that moment, and loved him more than ever. He had truly made me his bitch, and I”d forever be his. I slept in that spot, unmoving all night, and for once didn't dream of Miami, and ”Lil Joe Cartwright”.