Library A different kind of learning

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Library A different kind of learning

While in high school, my buddies and I used to find a different kind of learning in the library. We used to hide and check out the girls as they looked for books and did their research xxx sex video download free com amongst the many book filled aisles.

 After our many observations , we would meet outside and compare notes. Some of us would catch glimpses of a girls breasts as they gently pushed up out of their blouses and others would get glimpses of a girls panties as they worked overhead in the balkonies. My particular find was in the back of the library. I was researching the books for a paper when a beautiful girl turned down the aisle. She was probably about two years older than me and was wearing her cheerleader outfit along with her typical long blond hair. I was sitting on the floor along with my papers and books and would have never figured that she would stop and "set up shop" a few /feet/">feet away from me. 

I could feel my heart pounding as my eyes slowly explored her body. I would quickly glance down at my books as she slowly turned her head towards me. During her research she had to retreive a book from the top shelf of the rack. As she stretched to grab the book, I leaned over and tilted my head upwards. I was in luck. I could see fairly well up her skirt. My heart began to race as my eyes checked out her silky white bikini panties. 

Then, I quickly returned my eyes to my work as she slowly regained her footing. We studied a while until she started again began to look for a book. This time she turned her back to me and slowly bent over checking the titles. Again my heart began to race. I eagerly watched, as she searched lower and lower on the rack the back of her skirt rose higher and higher. Finally it was like I won the lottery. Her panties again came into view. 

This time, not only could I see her panties, but,also her crotch came into view. I could feel my cock rapidly growing as my eyes checked out the silky materiel which was wet with her juices. As I looked closer, I could even see some of her pubic hair sticking out on the sides of her panties. Then, she quickly stood up and turned around. I quickly returned my eyes to my work. Again we worked for a while each taking glances at the other. Then, she motioned for me to stand up. 

She slowly took a few steps toward me then grabbed my shoulder and turned me towards the rack. She whispered in my ear," I know you are looking at my panties!" Then,she told me to close my eyes.I could feel her body slowly moving ,then I began to smell a very excitng fragrance. Then she whispered in my ear," You want my panties? Then here!" In an instant I felt her silky /wet/wet-panties/">wet panties sliding over my face. 

sexxxx video ful hd The fragrance ignited a passion inside me that quickly replced my fear. Then I felt her other hand slide slowly down the front of my shorts where her fingers gently grabbed the head of my cock and quickly began to massage it. I could feel my juices racing toward the head of my cock. There was nothing I could do to stop what was about to happen. It took only seconds but lasted an eternity. Then I felt my juices quickly filling her hand and slowly running down the front of my body. 

Finally my body was filled with relief. She slowly turned me around and stuffed her panties in the pocket of my shirt. Then she told me to keep her panties as a reminder that girls dont like boys seeing their panties unless they want them to. Then she giggled as she looked at the wet front of my shorts. 

After that she did give me a little satisfaction. She deliberately turned her back to me and slowly bent over to retrieve her books. My eyes popped wide open as I quickly got a glimpse of her /wet/pussy-wet/naked-wet-pussy/">naked wet pussy. Then she turned her head and smiled as she slowly walked away.